Friday, April 3, 2009

Bored with blogging & ups and downs

Yep, I'm bored with blogging (gasp). There hasn't been much new to report this week. I don't talk about it much, but my lupus started to flare last Sunday, and I've been sleeping 12 hours a night to recover & make it to work in the morning. My joints are sore and all I can think of is sleep. So I've been bummed on the fitness front, but hopefully that will change starting tonight (gym time). In the meantime, I had 2 extreme days this week...thought I'd share how funny it is when days go from fine to horrible and then great...just like that.

Monday - I had the day off so I slept in and started cleaning my apartment. As I searching for info. to complete my taxes, I found a check that hadn't been cashed. As I read the amount, $902.41, I couldn't believe it! Right below it it said "VOID after 180 days." It had been almost a heart sank. I'm really good at managing my finances, and I couldn't believe I never cashed my escrow reimbursement after selling my condo last year. I honestly thought I couldn't cash it now or get the money. It ruined my whole morning until I called the bank. Dummy me...of course they were able to reissue the check. Woo hoo. The day went from bad to good in an instant.

Today - I call my boss W*** the Weasel (terrible, I know). He steals ideas from other departments and asks his staff (me) to recreate the concept and pitch it as our own. Today he was especially sly and forwarded me the design concept of someone I really respect. Of course I'm supposed to reinvent this wheel and put my name on it. No can do, boss. I discussed it with a trusted co-worker and I made some off-handed remarks about W*** (something I RARELY do in the office). I take a lot of pride in being a hardworker and coming up with my own ideas/concepts. I didn't realize it, but it turns out that several managers were in a nearby cube. My co-worker thought they could hear us, and my jaw fell open. Did they hear us? Yikes. One of the mgrs came over a few minutes later and acted as if he heard everything. My blood started to boil and my day was ruined. I was so disappointed in myself for letting my guard down and venting. (Although I will note that W*** has a terrible reputation in our dept.) To make a long story short, I did some damage control with the mgr after lunch...asking for advice and whatnot. Turns out he didn't hear a thing. Thankfully he knows me well enough (I keep a VERY low profile and W*** is the toughest one to work for) and reassured me that even if he had heard the conversation, "it's probably nothing I haven't heard already." Whew. Another good lesson learned.

Happy Friday!!!


Amber said...

Oh no. I'm sad you're getting bored with blogging!! I hope you don't quit!

That's SWEET about finding that large of a cheque in your apartment, thank god the bank was able to reissue it!

Sucks about your boss. I hate people like that, he's putting you in a really tough position!

Hope you start to feel better soon!

Anais said...

I'm really sorry about the lupus flare-up...a friend of mine has it too and I know it's no fun at all :( I also know what you mean about the sleeping...I mean I don't have lupus or anything close to that but last year I just had SO many weird illnesses/joint pains/etc. and I'd sleep 12 hours, and wake up feeling like I could sleep 12 more...EVERYDAY!!!

Thank GOD you could cash that cheque!! I would've cried if I had had a cheque for that much that I could not cash!!

Hope your work-out went well!

Shoshanah said...

That's a nice amount of money to find out of nowhere!

And I totally understand the fear of being overheard from your cubicle. Ours are all so close together and I have such a loud voice. It's pretty much a huge fear for me. Especially since I don't really think before I say things.

Anonymous said...

I now the worst part right now is our flare-up, but it makes life and everything so much harder! here is to wishing ou well during this nasty falre-up!

Thomas said...

Had been wondering what you were up to but just saw that you tweeted.