Monday, December 15, 2008

Cookie Crumble

I was doing so well with a fine display of Christmas treats sitting on my table all weekend. But today I just couldn't take it! : ) So today is my cookie day. I had probably a dozen cookies and 1 small plate of brownies (during a 36 hour stretch). The problem is I was eating them because of stress at work and the "I want it and I just don't care" factor. Ok, I think I can live without another cookie or brownie for a while. I worked out at the gym and the season finale of Biggest Loser inspired me to get back on track.

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amric1409 said...

Isn't this season the worst for fitness/health goals? My boyfriend and I did SO much baking the other day and I must have ate five pounds of cookies and cookie dough! I swear my sweet tooth gets even more demanding this time of year!