Sunday, February 8, 2009


I had such a fun weekend back home. I spent some time in downtown Portland before and after the interview and realized how much I miss it. The city is so unique, people are down to earth, and I found myself wanting to be there. It's trendy, but not in an LA sort of way.

I walked up to the office, and the location was amazing...right in the middle of it all and next to the waterfront. I had high hopes for the interview, but unfortunately I didn't get the best impression. My would-be supervisor seemed uneasy with the whole interview process and basically said that there would be no potential to move up unless she left the company. Yikes! As I walked out, I was not feeling like it was the best match (or that I'd even get the position). I drank a beer at Rock Bottom and tried not to think about it. I was pretty sure I wouldn't take it, but they called to offer me the position later that day. Wow. Now I started re-thinking it all over again. I told them I would let them know on Monday.

My friend Becky just bought a convertible mini Cooper, and we headed out to my little cousin's Oscar theme b-day party in style! It was such a fun night...we blasted the heat with the top down on the freeway in 50 degree weather. But our scarves and big sunglasses made it seem like we were in California. I surprised Taylor on the "red carpet" all dressed up. It was tooo cute...she didn't even recognize me at first.. There's only a few times in a girl's life where a feather boa is the perfect accessory!

I was super stressed over the weekend but tried to eat healthy. I had Steelhead for the first time over dinner with friends from high school. This fish is amaaazing. I also limited the drinking so that I'd be thinking clearly. I flew back here on Sunday and stocked up on groceries for the week. Can't wait to get back in the gym to work off the stress.

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