Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pinkberry and Portland

I was a little tired yesterday, so my workout was the bare minimum…40 min strength training and 30 min easy elliptical. I stopped by Pinkberry...uh oh… addicted!

I’m starting to get pretty nervous. Tomorrow’s interview is coming up fast. I’m definitely prepared….I’ve researched the nonprofit group and their work for weeks. There are so many ideas and discussion topics that I have stored in this nerdy brain of mine. So, I’m determined to rock this interview…as in river rocks : ) That being said, I still have to figure out if the position and the staff are a good match. I’ve waited for the right position to open up in Portland for 3 years now. So if I’m able to work with a great team for a cause that that truly focuses on river restoration, then I’m going to jump in head first. I’m taking the night off from working out to focus and pack.


Amber said...

Good luck with the interview! I'm sure you'll do great :-)

La Di Dah said...

I am SO addicted to pinkberry! The pomegranate/ original swirl (with fruit) is my current fav.
Good luck with your interview!!

Anonymous said...

i really need to try pinkberry! it keeps calling my name :) good luck with your interviewwwwwwww