Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Workout Sunday

I stuck to my game plan this weekend…lots of exercise, healthy eating, and catching up on housework stuff. Yesterday I skipped the Superbowl altogether and hit the gym instead. There was only 1 other person working out! I was pretty worn out, so I kept it simple with 1 hour training and 30 min elliptical. I finally figured out how to use my teeny little gas stove (my apartment is really tiny), so I tried out a container of egg whites that I picked up a while back. Even though they look a little strange, the egg whites are pourable and keep for months. The spinach omelette with mozzarella was delicious! This will be a great way to cook up leftover veggies.


Amber said...

Love love love egg-white omelettes. I will eat them any time of the day! I use spinach, mushrooms, peppers, onion and some s&p and other spices usually, and then I throw just a tablespoon or so of low-fat cheddar or mozza on them. They are quick, easy and DELISH!

Anonymous said...

yum your omelette sounds good!!! made one last night for dinner :) woohoo we're on the same black team!