Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fit & Organized

I had a date with Equinox last night : )  I dressed up for the occasion in a baseball cap and Nikes.  It was exactly what I needed..40 flights of stairclimber, a little strength training, and the elliptical.  I reached that exhausted but exhilarated level...drenched in sweat and feeling good.  

This morning was my first group pilates session.  The studio is right down the street, and the people in the class were really friendly.  It's not as intense as my sessions at the gym, but it's a nice waker upper on a Saturday morning.  Duyen and I took our beach cruisers out and had a simple lunch at a neighborhood cafe.  My grilled chicken sandwich was soooo tasty & I managed to avoid the french fries.

Since I'm a crazy perfectionist (and trying to stay busy on a 
Saturday night), I thought it might be fun to get organized, track my workouts visually, and make note of eating habits.  So I headed to Ross and Target and found the cutest stuff - Fit and Fresh food containers, a Real Simple calendar where I can track my workouts w/colorful tabs, an erasable magnetic calendar for the fridge, and 2 journals.  I highly recommend these Fit-Fresh containers...genius!  I also found a great alternate to my boring Total cereal -   Kashi's Go Lean crunchy fiber twigs, soy protein grahams, and honey puffs.  It's filling but not too sweet.  For dinner tonight I grilled up some salmon on the Foreman and added brown rice and broccoli.  


amric1409 said...

Tracking my workouts has been a GREAT motivator for me :-)

Anonymous said...

loveee the organization! always makes me so much more motivated!