Friday, January 9, 2009

Motivation Part I

Now that I’m back into my routine and working out with Ms. Bootcamp, I’ve had time to think about what really motivates me. Not what motivates to keep my butt off the couch (thankfully I’ve always loved the gym), but the motivation to “do one more forever” (love that quote!). I had a great realization in my strength training session last night. It’s not really weight loss or going down a pants size or being ultra toned (although these things are great benefits). The real reason I stay motivated is because of fear of physical limitations.

I was the classic kid in middle school who would stay home to avoid PE, couldn’t run for 2 minutes and dreaded the annual “mile time” day, and was so negative from all of the teasing over the years. After reaching somewhat of a peak physical fitness level at 17, I vowed to never let myself be physically limited again. In high school I looked forward to “mile time” day and actually trained for it ahead of time. I had the fastest mile time and beat our top athlete. That same year I ran the Hood to Coast, a 196 mile relay from Mt. Hood to the Oregon Coast.

There have obviously been ups and downs since 1996, but when I start to get out of shape I remember that powerless feeling that lurks in carrying extra weight. In all honesty, it scares me. Recently I took a camping trip with a few guy friends and we brought our mountain bikes. The guys were so excited about our ride in the morning, but as we hiked the trail the night before, I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it. Even though the terrain wasn’t that difficult, I was too out of shape. I skipped the am ride but had more energy that afternoon (more like a beer buzz!). We took a ride around the lake with the guys and I pushed myself to go faster and race them back to camp. I was surprised at that burst of strength. It’s been a few months (and a few more pounds) since then, and time to get in better shape.

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