Thursday, January 29, 2009

Friday Thursdays

Thank goodness its Thursday! (Today is really my Friday b/c I have a 9/80 schedule). I'm really excited about checking out the Edison, and obviously not in the mood to work super hard considering I've posted twice today! Anyways, I ran an errand near City Hall today and came across a great discovery - there's a fresh food market on Thursdays. Woo hoo! That reminds me that there's also a Wednesday market in the business district. I had completely forgotten about this. This is the first really warm day we've had in a while (80ish!), and City Hall was stunning in the blue sky (pic post tomorrow). I'm definitely going to extend my lunch breaks on Thursday, hop on the DASH bus, and stock up on fruits and veggies.

On another note, it snowed again in Oregon. My BF Becky mentioned going up to the mountain when I'm up there next weekend. Woo hoo! I hope the weather holds and we'll get a chance to go snowboarding. Thanks for all the comments...I'm officially a blog addict thanks to you guys : )

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Anonymous said...

ah snowboarding sounds like an amazing time! and so exciting you found a market! love fresh fruits and veggies :)