Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fit TV - Reviews

There are bunch of new shows on tv that claim to be fitness/makeover related. I’m bummed that these shows focus so much on weight, as opposed to self empowerment and overall health. And I’m always surprised by the number of “get fit bride” shows. Isn’t this a journey for your personal fitness, and not just a 2 month ordeal to fit into a wedding dress while your future hubby continues to be a couch potato?

Biggest Loser: for some reason I can’t get addicted to this show, no matter how hard I try! I think the time slot is too long, and the contestants aren’t really owning it until the show is near the end. Some of it is pretty cheesy (the camera angles are hilarious), and other parts are downright mean (tempting people with desserts, breaking them down, etc.). Considering the rigorous workouts, I have a hard time believing that the contestants will be able to maintain their weight loss after they’ve left the show. I’m all for skipping the season and just watching the finales.

Fit Tribe: hmmm…I had high hopes for this show because the premise is great…a group of girlfriends getting fit together. Unfortunately the 1st half hour focused on weight and emotional breakdowns…I turned it off right then. Did anyone else watch the end…did it get any better?

Fat Free Fiances: despite the dumb title, this show is surprisingly one of my favorites. The people are realistic, the husbands join in too, and eating habits are covered as well. The results are shown over the course of an hour, not an entire season. The show has both a nutritionist and a trainer, and the contestants are responsible for their own success. It’s fun and inspiring to see the wedding at the end.

Discovery Health Challenge: more whining contestants and ridiculous workouts (diving for treasures and whatnot). Only watched 5 minutes.

Ruby: I had high hopes for this one too, and it was slow and painful in the beginning of the season. Ruby appears to have no self motivation and her friends continuously dote on her. When Ruby starts her program, her friends continue their unhealthy habits. I know this is harsh, but you’re on national tv for gosh sakes…come on…get excited, get your butt moving, and stay positive. The show is actually getting better, and I’m learning a few tips like establishing a support network, taking trips to celebrate accomplishments, and enjoying a makeover. For some reason I’m addicted…the ½ hour time slot is good too.


amric1409 said...

I really like 'X-Weighted' and 'Last 10 pounds bootcamp'. There both on the Slice channel!

About Me said...

Thanks! I'll have to check them the Slice channel new?

amric1409 said...

Hmmm actually you might not get it, I think it might be a Canadian channel. You might be able to watch episodes on their website though!