Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Small Victory

Before I left work yesterday, the nonprofit called to offer a 2nd interview in person. I’m surprised because I didn’t feel very confident with the initial interview. So now I’ve completely switched gears from thinking about my cheesy date (and lack of a follow up text or call) to a more important matter – if I were to get the job, am I ready to move back to Portland?

I hit the gym and sweated through a 30 minute core workout, more strength training including dips and pull ups (my weak factor), 10 minutes of bike intervals at RPM over 110 (such a killer!), and my standard elliptical routine. Thankfully I discovered a few new songs to get me through my workout.
Warm up/Cooldown – Now and Always (David Gray is my all time favorite!)
Strength training – Get on Your Boots (new U2 song)
Intervals – Mausam & Escape (Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack)
Elliptical – Paper Planes DFA Remix, Disturbia, Live your Life

I'm still having trouble with overeating in the evening, but I'm hoping that these strenuous workouts will make up for it. Despite some carb loading now and then, I can see that my tummy area is finally toning up a little. And the good news is that my favorite work pants fit this morning! I put on a really cute pair of heels and a turquoise scarf to celebrate this little victory. It's definitely worth all of the hard work.


Anonymous said...

yay! i'm glad you are celebrating your hard work :) congrats! and good luck with the interview!!

amric1409 said...

Good job, you totally deserve to celebrate your hard work!

I had a major problem with evening snacking too, this is my second week of planning my meals before-hand and it's going beautifully. I always plan a nice, reasonable after dinner snack and I've been doing great sticking to the plan!! Might be worth a try!