Monday, January 12, 2009

Small Changes

Jenny has a great post on her "101 Reasons" blog today about making small changes and a serenity fitness prayer. Since I haven't listed my New Years resolutions yet, here are my "small changes" for the first part of 2009:
1. Take the bus to work at least 3 times/week and jog a few blocks to my office
2. Sunday nights - prep meals for the week and plan outfits through Wednesday (saves time in the am). Make sure workout clothes are clean.
3. 1 Diet Coke per exceptions!
4. Take a group fitness class (pilates, volleyball, etc.)
5. Bedtime no later than 10pm. Read to calm down from late workouts.
6. Find a cute yellow lab to walk (wishful thinking?!?)
7. Stay positive and stay focused.
8. Blog, blog, blog :)
I log in to and realize that I set a goal weight of 155 by the end of Feb. I'm still hovering around 164, and as much as I don't want to focus on the numbers, maybe I should treat it as a challenge in the next month and a half. Wish me luck! :)


amric1409 said...

My mom has a lab dog, he's really good motivation to go walking! Lot's of work to take care of though, lol, which is why I prefer visiting her and walking her dog rather than getting one of my own!

Healthy Hunter said...

Will she ship him to LA on Saturday mornings? :) He would love the beach! ha ha

Brenda said...

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