Thursday, January 22, 2009

Group Fitness "Reformer"?

I've decided to overcome a small hurdle and join a group fitness class. My private pilates sessions at the gym were amazing but too expensive. So I decided to take a semi-private class through the city for much cheaper. For some reason I've always been really self conscious in any kind of group fitness class. Usually it's my lack of coordination and inability to relax that get me. So we'll see how this will definitely give me something to look forward to on Saturday mornings, and it's right down the street. Hopefully my core will be thanking me for it!


amric1409 said...

Oh I think you'll enjoy it! I love group fitness classes, they're great motivators to GO workout!! You might feel a little uncomfortable at first but I'm sure you'll get used to it :-)

Healthy Hunter said...

Yeah, I think it will be a great way to save $$ too. What are some of your favorite classes?

amric1409 said...

I've done a lot of spin and step classes. I really love spin but you have to have a good instructor, it's such a great workout! Unfortunately, my campus gym doesn't offer it :-(

I also enjoy going to weight-training classes every once in a while like 'Body sculpt' or 'group power' classes. It gives you good ideas for weight training to add into your own routine! I've never done a group pilates class but I've done lots of yoga classes and I find the class atmosphere so much more relaxing then just doing it off a DVD in my living room!!