Saturday, January 17, 2009

Rx for a new week

I'm feeling so much better today...I'm finally back on track.  I tried fixing salmon on my George Foreman, and it turned out sooo delicious.  I also found pre-cooked brown rice at Fresh and Easy and micro'ed some broccoli. It was a 10 minute meal that I'll definitely be eating more often.  On another note, a funny thing happened when I was sick this week.  On Tuesday, I weighed in at the doc for my appt. and I was 167.  At my follow up appt. on Friday, I was 161.  Huh?!  It just goes to show that weight loss can fluctuate dramatically due to water gain/loss.  So I still have no idea what the number is.  I haven't been able to hit the gym in a week, so I'm really excited to go work out tomorrow morning.  The new job potential and interview are still on my mind...

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