Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Me" Reminder - I'm a cowgirl at heart

I usually have mid-week burnout on Wednesdays, so today I decided to post reminders of when I've felt really strong and alive. As I prepare for the Portland interview next Friday, I'm hoping these memories will encourage me to always go after things that really matter.

In September I took a solo trip to the Lazy L&B Ranch in Wyoming - something I had dreamed of doing as a kid. Every morning our wrangler Claire would lead us on one challenging trail ride after another. When we reached wide open spaces, we would coax our horses into a steady lope. Thank goodness for all of those horseback riding lessons!

On the last ride of my trip, I gave my horse some extra rein and tapped him for a little get up and go. He took off at a full gallop, and it was the most exhilarating feeling. For some reason he spooked as he passed the horse in front of us and he took off like off like a lightning bolt! I fell to the side but still managed to hang on to the reins. I clung to that horse for 1/2 a mile, riding side saddle with one arm the whole way.

Thankfully he gradually slowed down after climbing up a hill. I remember sliding off gracefully while holding the reins, fearing he would bolt again. I'll never forget the look in that horse's eyes standing there on that hill. Claire, our wrangler who saw the whole thing unfold, hurried up to me. I was shaking but smiling at the same time. She said that I should have punished him immediately. That was the furthest thing from my mind...that horse made me feel more alive than I've ever been. In that instance, he represented everything that I strive to be - strong, powerful, and beautiful.

Quote of the Day: "For one to fly, one needs only to take the reins."


maria said...

As a retired cowgirl and someone with lupus myself, I just want to say thank you for this post.

You were right on - there is nothing more wonderful than feeling strong and free.

Keep the wind in your hair~

Healthy Hunter said...

Thank you so much for the comment. I will definitely check in with your website for support and motivation. I'm considering moving back to Portland...a little worried about the cold though...(?)