Monday, November 24, 2008

Kinesis Kicks

My body feels weak when I get up so I call in sick. I feel better after sleeping in and I go for a Strand walk…my body is not in tune, but I feel better afterwards. I buy a workout ball and mat so I can do my routine at home. I’m feeling stronger as the day goes on and I have a great training session using the Kinesis machine. I finish off having burned 1,100 calories today with cardio alone…wow. I prepare 2 days worth of salads and healthy snacks. I’m sore and have a hard time sleeping.
Quote for today: Commit to Get Fit!

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Becky said...

Great job Laura. You should be very proud of yourself for staying motivated and kicking butt at the same time!
I downloaded some of the songs you mentioned.They are great for working out. Thanks :)