Sunday, November 9, 2008

Equinox Heaven

No, they won’t stretch out. My favorite jeans from the last 2 years do not fit. Ok…this sucks. It’s time for a new start! I’m finding a new gym TODAY. I walk into Equinox and can't believe it. This is the ultimate gym experience. Not only could I work out here...I could LIVE here! An organic café, spa, towel service…oh yea…and pristine gym equipment. I don’t even recognize most of the cardio machines. Cleaning crews are everywhere.

Knowing that I’m a gym addict, I know that the extra expense will be worth it. This reminds me of Cascade Athletic Club in Gresham, my first “fitness palace” growing up and where I became dedicated to getting fit. Cinderella is back in gear...I sign up for membership and 15 training sessions.

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