Thursday, March 12, 2009

Blinded by Grumpiness

Geez, I have been so grumpy this week. I must be having Cabo withdrawals! A workout or two will usually lift my spirits, but the gym hasn’t helped much. Thankfully I have tomorrow off, so I’ve decided to leave this annoyed attitude at work today when I head out the door. The sand dune is definitely on my list for the weekend, along with Strand walks, gym time, happy hour tonight, and Saturday night out with friends.
In other news, I’ve decided to get lasik in April. I have terrible vision, and I’ve been wanting the surgery for a long time. When I was diagnosed with Lupus, I was advised not to get lasik. I was really bummed because I literally can’t see a thing without glasses or contacts…I am completely dependent on them. But then I discovered that my specialist may be biased because her husband had an unfavorable outcome with his surgery. Hmmm… I’ve always been one of those people that takes the plunge before I worry myself with everything that could go wrong. So tomorrow I’m going to schedule the surgery, sign all the paperwork, and know that I will have amazing vision after April 10th! So this means that I’ll need to get plenty of sleep every night (8 hour rule), use the eye drops, and not wear contacts for 2 weeks prior (including gym time..aagh). Any lasik patients with advice?


Amber said...

I'm blind without glasses or contacts too. I want to get Lasik but my optometrist recommended I wait until after I'm 25 because my eyes are still changing apparently.

Anais said...

Oh woah!! I totally want to get lasik as well one day (or something similar). I am also blind as a bat without glasses/contacts. Literally, today at the pool, I had to walk up to the HUGE clocks to even sort of tell what time it was. Pretty embarrassing lol!

Good luck with the surgery!!

Shoshanah said...

I guess I will join the club by saying I am blind too. And I've always wanted to get Lasik. But not being able to wear contacts two weeks before? That would be so awful, but I guess two weeks later you don't have to wear contact because you can SEE. Even though you still have a month to go, Good Luck!

cavy said...

i totally want lasik. lucky girl! i hope wearing glasses at the gym goes better for you than me - mine always slide off my nose..and who wants to wear one of those strappy things? NOT THIS GIRL :)

Thomas said...

This is funny. I have been having some big laughs from your blog this week. Wow, you must be a riot when you are your normal self.