Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Detox Tuesday

I’m back from a mini break…last week was all about late nights, eating crap, and drinking too much. Somehow I managed to avoid a trip to Vegas this past weekend and fit in a few lackluster workouts, but I still haven’t quite put myself back together. Laundry was building, taxes looming, and I chose sleep over getting things done. I’m finally starting to have more energy today, so I need to start pushing my limits again. Volleyball starts in 3 weeks, so it’s a great motivator. And it’s supposed to be 77 degrees this week!!! I have 4 days off, so the timing is perfect for working out and relaxing. I might check out a few local spots like the Getty Villa.

I went to see Duplicity with friends last night…good but not great. I’m not a huge Clive Owen fan, but I’m a sucker for these type of flicks. Yes, my movie dry spell seems to be ending.


Amber said...

Good job on the workouts! Volleyball sounds fun, I miss playing team sports!

Anais said...

i'm going to be doing beach volleyball too (for the 1st time), and i am SUPER excited!!!