Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fantastic Day and Food Finds

Yesterday was a really great day. I held a meeting for one of the projects I'm working on, and the report I drafted was well received. I was delighted to get this email at the end of the day from one of our political representatives -

Thank you for your wonderful thoughts and work on this. I am happy to have you manage this project - it's a project close to the Councilmember.

Ok, maybe ecstatic is a better word!!! I often say that my work is 80% dull and 20% stimulating. The great part is that the 20% can be so rewarding, especially in moments like this. Compliments aren't given out very often in the political environment I'm in, so I was particularly grateful.

I had lot of energy afterwards and finished off the day with a great workout last night. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror while strength training, and I was amazed at how strong I'm getting. After 4 months of super hard work, I look really toned. I keep reminding myself that every drop of sweat pays confidence, strength, and having more energy : )

New Food Finds:
  • I just tried the jackfruit-guava Vitamin Water. It's awesome! I don't know if I really believe the vitamin claims, but I did feel oddly relaxed afterwards
  • Dreyers slow churned yogurt blends in vanilla. I'm not a huge ice cream fan, but it's nonfat, fairly low calorie, and so tasty!
  • White chocolate nonfat latte. I never liked coffee until I tried this combo....more flavorful than a vanilla latte and so satisfying on a chilly day.


Amber said...

I'll have to find that ice cream because I'm a HUGE ice cream plan!

What's your strength training plan like? I need to switch it up, I'm getting bored with mine and not getting as good of results as I was. I like to be sore after a strength workout and it doesn't make me sore these days and I don't want to just up the weights, I need something new! Haha

La Di Dah said...

Dryers slow churned is the only ice cream I buy... It's delicious and half the calories of regular ice cream!
Seeing positive results makes hard work feel so much more worthwhile. It's nice that you are seeing the payoff both at work & in your workouts!

Shoshanah said...

I love Dreyers ice cream! The funny thing though, is they don't really have Dreyers in Louisiana. They do technically, but its Eddy's brand here. Same ice cream different name.