Friday, March 6, 2009

Springing Forward

The dreary weather is getting to me....I had a taste of summer in Cabo and I want it to be here NOW! I can't wait for long days, volleyball til sunset, and more socializing. Until then (vball starts in April), I've decided I need to mix it up. I tried the pilates group class, and it was pretty mediocre. So I'm going to hit Sand Dune park this's basically a huge sand hill that people climb for a really good workout. And it's supposed to be TOUGH. Also, I'm thinking about signing up for an adult ballet class. My posture is terrible, and I definitely lack a sense of "grace." It's only 10 bucks per class for 9 weeks....hmmm...should I try it? Thank goodness for spring forward on Sunday!


Amber said...

I could imagine that would be really tough!! Running or doing anything on sand is hard cuz it has so much resistance!

cavy said...

i danced for 19 years and would DEFINITELY recommend a ballet class. it will do wonders for your balance and core strength - and it never hurts to be a little more graceful in life! :)

Thomas said...

Where is this at? It looks intimidating.

cavy said...

i tagged you today! check it out :)

Anais said...

Woah, that looks like a steep hill!!! But it also looks like fun...and a great work-out!

Your Cabo trip looked amazing! I've been checking out beaches I could go to :)

And for the pizza, I made my own! Here's the recipe:

But also, check out this link, it gives a lot of info in order to make a good own: