Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Feel Good Wednesday

Some things I’m loving this week:

Peanut butter pancakes

Vintage black and white heels

My co-workers (I finally found a few that I can relate to…government is a strange, strange world!)

Orange tic tacs

Pillows…threw a few extra fluffy ones on my bed and have slept better all week

Lack of a hangover….what?! All that green beer & staying out late didn’t wreck my Wednesday like I thought it would…weird.

Biological clock – I held my co-worker's newborn thinking “I want one of these little guys.” Sigh.

Going to work every day - grateful for employment

My complete lack of focus on diet/exercise. I need a short break : )


Amber said...

Omg, I LOVE peanut butter/banana pancakes!

SOOO freaking good! And I always need a break from diet and exercise every once in awhile!

La Di Dah said...

I think it's this beautiful SoCal weather.. It's bringing out the "good lists" in us all!

cavy said...

i sleep with five used to be six but my dogs decided to eat one. silly puppies :)

Anais said...

Wait a minute...peanut butter pancakes?? Can I please have a recipe????? I LOVE peanut butter on, well...pretty much anything :)

And yay for taking a break! I think sometimes we all need one, and as long as we go back to our regular habits afterwards, I don't think it hurts!