Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Eat Fresh

Thomas inspired me with his funny grocery store post, so I thought I’d share my Subway adventure. I’ve been bringing my own lunch for a while now, and today I just couldn’t take it anymore. I hit the joint across the street for a roasted chicken with spinach on wheat. Usually it’s packed and the SSMs (sloppy sandwich makers) are trying to take my order when I’m still 5 deep in line. That’s the only chance I get to shout at them. But today it was empty and I leisurely strolled up to place my order. Here’s the deal – I live for a good sub (usually the smoked turkey ones I make at home). I also LOVE the deli guys at Vons who take sandwich making very seriously. Every last veggie is strategically placed for a good bite. Nothing should ever fall out of the sandwich – it’s an art form really : ) The SSM was clearly not aware of the sandwich balancing act. Veggies were being dumped anywhere but on my sandwich…I knew it was hopeless. Even more hopeless was my conversation with the random guy lingering near the pop fountain, the home of my favorite sugar free lemonade.
Stranger: Wow, I’m stuck to the floor (looking down at the floor in all seriousness)
Me: (Annoyed). Yeah, this place is really clean.
Stranger: Not really. (thinks for a long second and blocks my way to the lemonade). Oh yeah, you were being sarcastic.
Me: (fake laugh). Looks like we’re stuck in Subway. They should give us free sandwiches.
Stranger: (still doesn’t get it.)
Me: (thinking he must be a fellow government employee).

So now I’m back at my desk with the Subway stench (have you noticed how it lingers?) But it sure beats another uber healthy salad…the lemonade that is. Sandwich sucked.

Workout last night was standard…1 hr training, 10 minute bike intervals (always a killer), and 20 minute elliptical. Hoping to have more positive energy tonight.


Amber said...

Hahaha. That guy is hilarious.

I LOVE subway sandwiches. But I totally agree that the sandwich makers don't always put too much care into their creations, which can be really annoying! Also, every time I say "just a little bit of light mayo" and they squirt a freaking TON on. So I'm very insistent about just a LITTLE bit of mayo now. Lol

Anais said...

I haven't had subway in so long, but I also absolutely love subs!!! I wish I had a place like Von's around here - not too many people seem to know how to make them!

Shoshanah said...

I have been craving Subway lately. I might just have to stop by for lunch tomorrow now.

cavy said...

hahahaha oh subway... i have a very love/hate relationship with that particular chain. and i'm totally a roasted chicken/spinach girl! plus tomatoes, double cucumbers, and one line of chipotle mayo, please :)

Jess said...

Thanks for the comment! And, it's always good to find another with the same goal.

On Subway: There happens to be one by my gym, and I admit, I frequent it, out of convenience. The incompetence is mind-boggling. And nothing frustrates me more than lifting up the sandwich for that first bite and having half of its contents spill out. I'm with ya there.

Thomas said...

I have taught you well, young grasshopper.

Sweetie Pie said...

This made me laugh. I think we've all had interesting visits like this to Subway. I have a friend who likes to get a veggie sub with cheese and then have it toasted-- veggies and all. This is always a source of great confusion.

I always get lots of extra napkins... and a fork for the residual "side salad."

I know the lemonade of which you speak, and am a big fan of it too! Yummy!