Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ms. Bootcamp is a sales stalker

I received a 4th email yesterday from my former trainer ("Ms. Bootcamp"), and I'd like to share it : ) Some of you guys may remember earlier postings where she was super pushy to get me signed up on a 2-3 times/wk training program. She was a good trainer, but way too aggressive and never gave me any info. so I could continue training on my own. Since then, it's been a polite battle every time I see her at the gym. I HAVE considered training again, but I'm now ruling it out because she's not being very professional. Ugh...enough pestering already! (My thoughts in bold).

Hi Laura! It good to see you at the gym working out from time to time. (from time to time???...uh, more like when I see you at the gym almost every night and politely say hello...working my ass off without your help) I hope you are doing well. I meant to get in touch with you again to see how things are going for you and to follow up on the conversation that we had earlier this week. You had asked me then and a few times before if I had some 7 and 8's open for training because you said that you wanted to get back on a training program with me. I told you yes, I do as of now. But then, you changed your answer and went back to the financial thing. (Uh, yeah because you charge a FORTUNE, you're too sales pushy, and I can do this on my own!) So let me know when you are going to start up. It end of march, and I know that you said in Feb/Jan that you wanted to start up in March. (Thanks for reminding me, but this sales pitch is getting OLD). Let's not wait any longer (-; Let's get the ball rolling! (-; It's your program, you decide how successful you want to be and I'll be your guide! (-; (That's right, I've chosen to be successful and save a few dollars in the process.) Take Care, Natalie (Please leave me alone already).

Any advice on how to respond? Or not at all?


Amber said...


I think you should just respond by saying that you're doing fine working out on your own right now and IF you ever decide to work with a trainer again YOU will contact her. If she continues to email you I'd get snappy with her and tell her to leave you the F alone!!

Anais said...

Woah!!! It's even gotten ME annoyed!!! I hate it when people are so pushy!

I would just tell her what you said here - that you have been working out quite hard, thank you very much, and you're just not interested in paying a fortune for something that you can do on your own!

Maybe to end thing on a better note you could tell her that were she to offer an affordable program and maybe list some things that she could improve, that would be good...

That is a tough spot though :)

ps: Part of my trip last year was in the south of france - BEAUTIFUL!!!! And I had some of the most amazing food there :)

cavy said...

UGH i would totally hate that. i love my trainer BECAUSE he isn't into the whole sales pitch thing. hoooo man.

i think i'd just avoid responding. she can't email you forever, and if she does, she's even more psycho.

Jess said...

As tempted as I would be to send her, word for word, your thoughts in bold, I would flat-out tell her that she is simply charging too much and the "financial thing" is currently a very real concern for a lot of people, and you are doing just fine on your own. Given the economy, etc her high price is probably costing her plenty of clients. And I agree with Amber, tell her that YOU will make the next contact. Keep the ball in your court and then she can't harass you and still appear reasonably sane.

Shoshanah said...

I do think she went a little over the top. But I do have a friend who is a personal trainer. Since this whole financial crisis, she is making barely 1/4 of what she made before. Which is pretty awful. My bet is she is probably going through this with ALL her clients, but clearly hasn't figured out how to get people to come back. Overall, its a bad situation for both you and her.